How Do I Apply For Financing?

You can work with the friendly financing team at Sparks Nissan to get approved and save money on your vehicle.  The financing process starts by filling out our online credit application.

Can I Finance A Used Car?

Yes, many buyers choose to take out a loan to finance a used car. Sparks Nissan is a popular used car dealership in Monroe, because our pre-owned inventory is Sparks Certified by default. We perform a 196-point inspection on every used vehicle at no additional charge to you.

Can Sparks Nissan Fix My Vehicle?

Yes! The service department at Sparks Nissan offers expert service by Nissan certified technicians who can perform repairs and maintenance. Check our service page for more information.

What is GAP Insurance?

GAP insurance, or "Guaranteed Asset Protection" is intended to help drivers like you bridge whatever the “gap” is between the value of a car and how much you might owe if the vehicle is ever totaled. This is a popular insurance product used by drivers across the country.

Should I Buy or Lease My New Car?

Leasing is a popular option for driver's who want to save money and upgrade to a new car more frequently. If you're interested in a new car, contact Sparks Nissan and our team will help you calculate which option is best for your budget and lifestyle. We'll give you the details and put the decision in your hands.